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Did you know the winter sun sits lower in the sky and at a different angle compared to warmer seasons? Did you also know that the sun’s lower position causes more ultra-violet (UV) exposure to Earth’s surface? Don’t be fooled when you feel less heat from that winter sun. Research shows that UV rays can be damaging to various layers of the eye and can contribute to various eye diseases. Plus, wearing sunglasses all year long keeps your eyes from drying out and prevents windblown particles that can cause corneal abrasions. Those trendy sunglasses you bought in the summer are just as important in the winter.

The eye doctors at our practice in Princeton, NJ, consistently remind our patients of these 5 important facts about UV damage that can cause harm to your eyes:

  • UV damage to the eye is cumulative and often irreversible
  • 40% of UV exposure occurs when we are not in full sunlight
  • Eyes are the only internal tissue directly exposed to UV
  • 5-10% of skin cancer occurs on the eyelids
  • 90% of visible premature aging around the eyes is caused by UV damage

Snow is also dangerous, as it can act as a mirror and reflect an increased amount of UV into your eyes.  Anyone who has driven when there is snow on the ground knows of the risk of glare and how that can impair your vision. Polarized lenses enhance contrast and are effective in shielding your eyes from dangerous reflections, while still offering the highest grade of UV protection.

Opticians recommend high-quality sunglass brands for the best protection and superior lens quality and technology. Once you experience the difference between ophthalmic lenses and a cheap drugstore sunglasses, you’ll understand how important quality lenses truly are. Take the advice of experts and avoid intense UV damage during the winter by wearing high-quality sunglasses all year long.

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