Crystalens® for Cataracts

After a diagnosis of cataracts, it’s important to understand all your options and seek further treatment. Fortunately, advances in ophthalmology offer more choices than ever before to restore vision after cataracts. Among these treatments, the Crystalens® intraocular lens implant ensures clear vision at all distances by using the eye’s structures just as a natural lens would. At Outlook Eyecare, patients are enjoying better vision with little risk of complications thanks to these highly advanced accommodating cataract lenses.

What Is Crystalens®?

A Doctor Examines a Patient’s EyeThe Crystalens® intraocular lens implant is an FDA-approved synthetic lens designed to correct vision in adults with cataracts. These cataract lenses are equally effective in individuals with or without farsightedness and offer several advantages over other available solutions.

Hinges on either side of the lens allow it to accommodate your eye’s flexing muscles, replicating the process of natural vision within the eye and the brain. This reduces the risk of negative outcomes, including glare, halos, and difficulty with night vision, as the brain processes just a single image rather than the multiple images projected by similar lenses. Furthermore, Crystalens® cataract lenses distribute 100% of available light rays, ensuring the best visual clarity possible, so the world around you appears as sharp and vibrant as it once did.

Treating Cataracts With Crystalens®

Cataracts progress at different speeds, and not all patients require surgery. However, when surgery is needed, lens implantation procedures are the best way to restore visual acuity in patients diagnosed with cataracts. If your Outlook Eyecare specialist recommends cataract surgery with Crystalens®, you’ll undergo a simple inpatient procedure that requires anesthetic eye drops and IV sedation to ensure pain-free treatment. A high-frequency ultrasound device is used to break up the clouded natural lens into small pieces that are removed with suction. Once your existing lens has been removed, the Crystalens® intraocular lens implant is put in place.

Patient outcomes are typically extremely positive, with the vast majority of individuals able to pass eye tests and conduct activities of daily living without the need for eyeglasses after surgery. After treatment, you’ll rest briefly at the surgical facility before returning home with any eye drops, protective shields, or other items required during recovery. Most patients have a follow-up appointment the next day to confirm the success of the procedure and identify complications, then return to their normal activities within about 24 hours.

Are Crystalens® Cataract Lenses Right for Me?

When you require extra light to read, or you’re more sensitive to light than you once were, your board-certified, fellowship-trained ophthalmologist will perform an eye exam. If you are diagnosed with cataracts, your doctor will explain all available options and work with you to determine which lens implantation procedure is best suited to your needs.

All cataract surgery carries some risk of side effects, including infection, bleeding, and in rare cases, retinal detachment. However, these risks are associated with the surgery itself, and Crystalens® cataract lenses do not increase the chance of side effects in any way. If you undergo Crystalens® implantation, you can rest assured that most patients experience positive outcomes with greatly improved visual clarity and no complications.

Learn More about Crystalens® Cataract Lenses

If you’re experiencing the symptoms of cataracts, Crystalens® intraocular lens implants and Outlook Eyecare can help. Our boutique-style practice recognizes the unique needs of every patient to provide the highest standard of care possible with state-of-the-art technology and advanced training. Contact us today for more information, or call 609-409-2777 in Monroe Township or 609-419-1920 in Princeton to schedule a consultation.

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