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There’s no substitute for clear vision, but it goes without saying that glasses aren’t for everyone. For a simple and quality solution to your vision problems, we may suggest wearing contact lenses. These devices come in a variety of different types – each with their own purposes and benefits – and allow you to maintain the glasses-free style you may prefer. In an effort to serve each patient’s needs, Outlook Eyecare prescribes several contact lens types so you can receive the customized care you deserve.

Soft Lenses

This type of lens is the most commonly prescribed type that we provide to patients. They are made from a gel-like plastic that conforms to your eye for comfortable wear. They come in a couple of different forms, which include daily and extended wear. Daily lenses are meant to be taken out at night and can be used for a variety of time periods, from a day to a month. Extended wear lenses can be worn continuously over their lifespan – even while you sleep.

Soft lenses can be used to correct several vision issues, such as myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), presbyopia (blurred vision while reading), and astigmatism (blurred vision in general). If you suffer from more than one of these issues, special lenses can be crafted to address multiple vision problems at once.

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Rigid Gas Permeable (Hard) Contact Lenses

These lenses deliver sharp and clear vision for its wearers. The rigidness may create an adjustment period of one or two weeks, but after, the close fit to the eye creates a comfortable feel. The gas permeable center allows oxygen to reach your corneas easily to combat dry eyes. These lenses can be used up to a month at a time and have to be removed at night. Most often, this type of lens is prescribed for astigmatism but can be used to treat other vision problems as determined by your doctor.

Specialized Gas Permeable Contact Lenses

The purpose of these contacts is to stabilize its wearer’s vision overnight, so there are no issues during the day. They utilize gas permeable lenses that will gently reshape your cornea to correct whatever issue you may have. This allows you to avoid wearing glasses or contacts while you’re awake for convenience. This correction process is called orthokeratology, or “ortho K,” and is available at our Princeton location. It is often used for people with myopia but can also help reduce the effects of astigmatism, hyperopia, and presbyopia.

Hybrid Contact Lenses

We also have the ability to create hybrid contact lenses so you can reap the benefits of both soft and gas permeable types. These lenses have a rigid, gas permeable center to support clear vision and oxygen flow, preventing your eyes from drying. The center is surrounded by a malleable hydrogel plastic, a characteristic of soft lenses that creates a comfortable feel.

Find Your Best Option

At Outlook Eyecare, our goal is to fit the correct contact lenses to each patient’s needs. Through our comprehensive eye exams, we can pinpoint your vision problems and provide the best type of lens for your situation. If you believe that you could benefit from improved vision, please contact us today at either of our New Jersey offices in Princeton or Monroe Township.

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