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Outlook Eyecare was founded with the goal of offering top quality, comprehensive eye care for people in our community. If you are looking for an eye doctor, our optometrists and ophthalmologists are the choice of people from Monroe Township, and Princeton, NJ and surrounding communities.

Forming long-term relationships with glaucoma patients and helping maintain the quality of their lives are some of the most rewarding parts of being an ophthalmologist in the Princeton and Monroe Township, N.J., areas, Dr. Colleen Coleman says. “It is important that individuals maintain functional vision as they get older to remain independent, and I see that as a critical part of what I do as an eye doctor.“ Women and men from Princeton and throughout New Jersey come to Outlook Eyecare to be treated by Dr. Coleman, who is a board-certified ophthalmologist specializing in glaucoma treatments. She’s also an experienced cataract surgeon.

Dr. Colleen Coleman, MD

Dr. Coleman’s Education & Training

After earning her medical degree from Wayne State University in Michigan, Dr. Coleman completed her ophthalmology residency at the prestigious Long Island Jewish Medical Center. She served as chief resident in her final year. Dr. Coleman then received advanced training at the renowned University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, where she completed fellowship training in treating glaucoma.

Before arriving at Outlook Eyecare in 2009, Dr. Coleman was head of glaucoma treatmentat a large practice in Philadelphia, where she also was a clinical instructor for residents at Wills Eye Institute.

A Q&A With Dr. Coleman

In her answers, Dr. Coleman talks about what led her to become an ophthalmologist and discusses current research that could lead to a glaucoma cure.

  • What led you to specialize in ophthalmology?
  • Do you have a specific area of expertise within the specialty?
  • What groundbreaking advance has occurred since you began practicing?
  • What changes do you anticipate in the next 10 to 15 years for ophthalmology?
  • Tell us a bit about your personal background and how you spend time outside of work.
What led you to specialize in ophthalmology?

During medical school, I choose an ophthalmology elective course and fell in love with it. I love the combination of surgery and patient care in the office. I tend to be a detail-oriented person, and I found that ophthalmology fit well with that part of my personality.

Do you have a specific area of expertise within the specialty?

An exciting development in the treatment of glaucoma is placing an extremely tiny stent — it’s about 1 millimeter long — during cataract surgery. The device is called iStent®, and it’s an excellent treatment option for patients who are managing glaucoma with eye drops. Glaucoma creates pressure behind the eye that can damage the optic nerve and affect a patient’s vision. The iStent helps maintain low pressure after cataract surgery and can lead to some patients discontinuing the use of eye drops.

What groundbreaking advance has occurred since you began practicing?

The most significant advance in my career has been the use of anti-VEGF injections to treat wet macular degeneration. The most common of these drugs is Lucentis, which helps prevent abnormal blood vessel growth and leakage. Before the development of this technology, no good treatment existed for wet macular degeneration, and patients faced the prospect of losing most of their functional vision. At Outlook Eyecare, Dr. Grabowski is our retinal specialist, and he’s able to help maintain and, in some cases, even improve the vision of a patient with wet macular degeneration.

What changes do you anticipate in the next 10 to 15 years for ophthalmology?

In the field of glaucoma, specifically, researchers today are studying nerve tissue regeneration. What does that mean? When we have the ability to regenerate nerve tissue in the future, we will essentially have a cure for glaucoma, and the devastating vision loss from this disease will be reversible.

Tell us a bit about your personal background and how you spend time outside of work.

I grew up in Cherry Hill, so the opportunity to join Outlook Eyecare was sort of a homecoming. I’m now married with twins — a boy and a girl. I enjoy playing with the kids in my free time and look forward to family ski trips in the near future. I enjoy running, taking exercise classes, and, yes, downhill skiing.

If you are looking for a New Jersey eye doctor, we welcome you to visit us in person, request a consultation using our online form, or call us at (609) 409-2777 (Monroe Township) or (609) 419-1920 (Princeton) . One of our helpful staff members will schedule your appointment with Dr. Coleman or one of our other outstanding eye care professionals.

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