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Outlook Eyecare was founded with the goal of offering top quality, comprehensive eye care for people in our community. If you are looking for an eye doctor, our optometrists and ophthalmologists are the choice of people from Monroe Township, and Princeton, NJ and surrounding communities.

During the summer following his first year at medical school, Dr. Joseph Shovlin had the opportunity to work in Cornell Medical School’s ophthalmology lab. That proved to be a turning point in his life that led to him becoming an ophthalmologist in Princeton, N.J. at Outlook Eyecare. Dr. Shovlin says his experience as a young medical student “demonstrated the innovative and high-tech nature of ophthalmology. I haven’t for one moment second-guessed my choice to dedicate myself to ophthalmology.“ He took the opportunity to return to his native New Jersey as an eye doctor in Princeton, joining Outlook Eyecare in 2001

Dr. Joseph Shovlin, MD

Dr. Shovlin’s Education & Training

After graduating magna cum laude from the University of Notre Dame, Dr. Shovlin earned his medical degree from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ). He then completed his ophthalmology training at The New York Hospital/Cornell Medical College. Dr. Shovlin pursued his interest in oculofacial plastic and reconstructive surgery through fellowship training at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine, one of the premier oculoplastic training programs in the country.

Refined Surgical Skills

Dr. Shovlin is among the leading microsurgeons on the East Coast, and his skills performing oculofacial plastic and cosmetic surgery include the advanced no stitch, no needle micro-incision cataract surgery. His attention to detail as an oculofacial plastic surgeon complements the fine motor skills required for microsurgical sight restoring procedures. Dr. Shovlin utilizes all the latest in technology in cataract surgery, including multifocal and accommodative lenses. These techniques may alleviate all need for glasses following cataract surgery.

Honors and Achievements

Dr. Shovlin has been a clinical instructor in ophthalmology at both the University of Wisconsin and Cornell Medical College. The thesis he submitted to become a member of the American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery earned the prestigious Merrill Reeh award in pathology. Dr. Shovlin served as the Director of Oculoplastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the Geisinger Medical Center in Danville, PA, before he returned to New Jersey. He has published articles and numerous chapters on various ophthalmology and oculoplastic surgery topics, and he’s an instructor at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

A Q&A With Dr. Shovlin

In his answers below, Dr. Shovlin explains his passion for ophthalmology and describes some exciting changes that have occurred in the field.

  • What do you find most rewarding about ophthalmology?
  • What’s your specific expertise within ophthalmology?
  • What’s the most exciting advance in eye care that’s occurred during your career?
  • How do you spend your time outside of work?
What do you find most rewarding about ophthalmology?

I enjoy ophthalmology’s broad scope. Cataract surgery patients have their vision restored to a clarity they haven’t seen since their youths. Through oculofacial plastic surgery, I can restore the functionality of eyelids and make them more aesthetically pleasing. This is particularly satisfying because it combines my experience with creativity. Beyond surgical procedures, ophthalmology requires the expertise to diagnose and treat eye diseases, which can encompass the fields of dermatology, endocrinology, and rheumatology. This broad scope ensures there are always new treatments and techniques that I incorporate into my practice.

What’s your specific expertise within ophthalmology?

I’m a fellowship-trained oculofacial plastic and reconstructive surgeon. My expertise includes cosmetic surgery for the eyelids and mid-face, eyelid reconstruction following skin cancer surgery, and procedures to correct abnormal tearing, droopy eyelids, and eyelid positions. As a member of the American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, I completed an accredited fellowship and passed both oral and written exams.

What’s the most exciting advance in eye care that’s occurred during your career?

Minimally invasive surgery continues to evolve in ways that directly benefit patients because of quicker recoveries and less downtime. This is primarily because incisions are so much smaller than in the past. Cataract surgery incisions decreased from 11 millimeters to 2 millimeters. Also, the improvement in lens implant design and calculating the lens power required for specific patients means less dependence on eyeglasses.

How do you spend your time outside of work?

I grew up in northern New Jersey, and my mom still lives in the house where I grew up, so I make sure to visit frequently. I’ve been blessed with 3 sons. The youngest is in high school and plays baseball, so I spend much of my time cheering him on from the stands. My 2 older boys are grown and off doing their own things. When I have time for myself, I enjoy skiing, boating, and biking.

To meet with Dr. Shovlin, request a consultation or call us at (609) 409-2777 (Monroe Township) or (609) 419-1920 (Princeton) . One of our helpful staff members will schedule your appointment.

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