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If you struggle with your vision, orthokeratology, also called ortho k, may provide an effective solution. Ortho k is a procedure that uses hard contact lenses that are custom made for each patient. The lenses are worn when you sleep, so you don’t need to wear contacts or glasses during daytime hours. These hard lenses, which are formally referred to as rigid gas permeable lenses, are made to reshape a patient’s corneas during the night.

Fast Results From This Vision Repair Procedure

Results from an orthokeratology procedure may be noticeable as quickly as a week or two of wearing the corrective lenses. It may, however, take longer for some patients to notice results. The lenses are made to be worn every night while you sleep, and the result is maintaining clear vision all day without the use of glasses or a pair of soft contact lenses.

Ortho K has been found most effective for patients who are nearsighted. It’s also a safe procedure that’s an alternative to surgical vision repair. Another benefit of orthokeratology is that it isn’t age restricted. Adults and children are able to use this procedure to correct vision problems.

Mapping Your Eye Lenses

The path to better vision through orthokeratology begins with a map. When you visit your eye doctor to begin the process of getting orthokeratology lenses, one of the first steps is mapping the cornea in each eye.

A special machine, a corneal topographer, is used for mapping the cornea, and the corneal map is created by reflecting light off the surface of the eye. The machine doesn’t touch your eye, so there’s no pain. The corneal topography map shows your ophthalmologist the shape and curves of your cornea, which is necessary for making ortho k lenses that effectively repair your vision problem.

Dramatic But Temporary Correction Of Nearsightedness

For most patients, ortho k offers a temporary solution to nearsightedness. As noted by the FDA, if a patient who is using this procedure stops wearing the prescribed lenses, the shape of the cornea in each affected eye returns to its previous state. Therefore, the lenses need to be worn each night while you sleep to manage your vision.

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Your previous degree of nearsightedness may return as quickly as a few hours, so your maintenance schedule may need to be adjusted to keep your vision clear. When you visit Outlook Eyecare, your optometrist works with you to establish the maintenance schedule that’s right for your eyes.

Trustworthy Vision Care

You’re safe in trusting your vision to the professionals at Outlook Eyecare, such as Dr. Margret Ritterbusch who provides sufficient contact lens fittings. She brings the training and experience you want in an eye care professional to each procedure. Dr. Ritterbusch also has an extensive amount of training and professional experience specifically in custom-fitting orthokeratology lenses.

Dr. Ritterbusch brings over 25 years of experience serving the eye care needs of patients. Contact lens fittings and evaluations of visually impaired patients are her specialties.

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