For patients with keratoconus and other corneal irregularities, a local eye care center offers a promising new contact lens for improved vision and comfort.

Monroe Township, New Jersey (February 2011) – A local ophthalmology and optometry practice has become one of the first in the area to offer an innovative new treatment for keratoconus and other corneal irregularities. Outlook Eyecare, a New Jersey LASIK and full-service eye care center, is offering the revolutionary ClearKone® contact lenses for optimal vision correction, stability, and comfort for most irregular cornea patients.

Dr. Margaret M. Ritterbusch, OD, of Outlook Eyecare has been fitting many of her patients with this new contact lens. “We are seeing tremendous success with the ClearKone lens for patients with irregular corneas, particularly keratoconus sufferers,” says Dr. Ritterbusch. “In the past, these patients had very limited options for vision correction and corneal stabilization. This innovative lens shows great promise, and we are excited to be among the few practices selected to participate in its limited release.”

Keratoconus is a progressive eye condition in which the cornea thins and becomes cone- or football-shaped instead of spherical. The resulting distorted, blurry vision has been difficult to correct with traditional contact lenses. “The ClearKone lens utilizes revolutionary hybrid technology to give keratoconus patients the very best technology has to offer – the excellent visual clarity of a high-oxygen rigid gas permeable contact lens and the all-day comfort and convenience of a soft lens,” according to SynergEyes, the lens manufacturer.

Dr. Ritterbusch fits the lens using a specialized technique. The result provides clearer, more stable vision with all-day comfort. “This new lens is designed to center successfully on irregularly shaped corneas, which improves visual acuity,” says Dr. Ritterbusch. “The new features enhance patient comfort, a critical aspect for all of our contact lens patients.”

As one of the premier eye care centers in the area, Outlook Eyecare is dedicated to providing cutting edge products, techniques and technology to their patients. This applies to all of their eye care services, including reconstructive and cosmetic procedures, cataract correction, routine eye care, and LASIK and other laser eye surgery at their New Jersey offices. Outlook Eyecare was among the first providers of premium multifocal IOLS for cataract correction.

“We are committed to providing leading edge innovations such as the ClearKone to our patients,” says Dr. Ritterbusch. “We stay current on the latest research so that our patients can benefit from these scientific developments and discoveries.”

If you are looking for an ophthalmologist or optometrist in New Jersey, we welcome you to visit us in person, request a consultation at either of our offices, or call us at 609-409-2777 (Monroe Township) or 609-419-1920 (Princeton). One of our helpful staff members will schedule your appointment with Dr. Ritterbusch or one of our outstanding eye care professionals.

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